Thursday, June 25, 2009


Welcome to Lab Blab and Other Gab - a blog associated with The Physics Classroom website. The role of this blog is to support physics teachers in the tasks of:
  • using lab notebooks as a lab tool in their physics classroom
  • developing and using inquiry-centered labs in their courses
  • getting students engaged in the same types of investigative tasks that scientists engage in
  • improving students' abilities to document their findings and to keep record of their learning
  • ... and anything related to high school physics labs, including comments regarding The Laboratory section at The Physics Classroom website.
Each month there will be a short featured article by a veteran physics teacher on one of these topics. The article will typically be a description of how a physics teacher incorporates lab notebooks, scientific inquiry or scientist-like activities into their physics classroom. The article will serve as a discussion point for that month. Visitors are welcome to respond and contribute.

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