Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Calling All Bloggers!

Each month (or even more frequently) a new featured article is posted at the Lab Blab and Other Gab Blog. We are inviting high school physics teachers to participate. Do you have something to contribute? Have you experienced recent success with something new which others might be encouraged to learn about? Is there an aspect of scientific inquiry, development of physics lab programs, using laboratory notebooks, engaging students in the doing of science, or promoting scientific thinking which you would like to share. We are looking for teachers to compose short articles (500-1500 words) to be featured here on the blog. If you have something useful to say and would like to contribute to one of our featured posts, then please send your article (500-1500 words, Microsoft Word format preferred) to physicsclassroom@comcast.net. Enter Proposed Blog Post as the Subject Heading.

(Note: Submitted articles will not necessarily be used. If you would like to first discuss your idea with the Blog administrator before composing the article, then email a paragraph-length outline of the idea, describing the key points which you will make.)

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